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Lead Staff

Quinn & Susan Johnson

Zachary Johnson
Executive Chef

Laurel Merritt
General Manager

Kristin Davis
Events Coordinator


Family Owned & Operated

 Since 2009

The Phoenix Grill started as a dream 10 years ago between myself and my fantastic partner, friend and wife Susie. We were both becoming corporate burnouts, and there was so much more we wanted out of life. In the fall of 2008, we began the journey to see if we could make a reality out of our dream. To have a place in our hometown, where you could go to meet friends, to bring family, or to just hang out when you needed a break. Hence the Phoenix was born. We have since expanded, and now relocated to a larger facility and banquet hall.

We made this menu from years of my being on the road as a salesman, and coming home to perfect them to what they are today. The freshest ingredients we can get, cooked to your preferences and served in an atmosphere that welcomes you if you’re in your best clothes, or your oldest tee shirt. We want you to come back to real food, come to The Phoenix. It’s all here, are you?

You have a choice to eat anywhere you wish. If you want to be served by robots and get your food from microwaves, be my guest. We can't afford robots, so we hire real people, with attitudes, sometimes offensive...have you met the owner?!? LOL. Our attitude comes from FUN and a real desire to serve you a great meal! All of our food - from the sauces to the hand-cut steaks are made in house daily - sometimes food with love takes a little longer to prepare. We promise it will be worth it! We work for a living, just like you. If we make a mistake on your order, we will take it back and fix it! So...if you are looking for great food with attitude, you're home.